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Tell your story.
Find where you're going by understanding where you've been.

Ensure a fulfilling college experience

Finding the right fit is the most important factor for a student to have the opportunity for a fulfilling college experience. No matter where a student is in their high school career, from current seniors to first-year students, we create a plan that will put that student on a path to success.


Navigate the admissions process with an expert guide

I help high school students make the best decision possible by providing a clear path through the entire admissions process: identifying personal strengths and opportunities for growth, targeting specific schools best aligned with the student’s priorities and profile, and filtering out the noise by focusing on the needs of the student.

Your story is just beginning. The arc of your personal, educational and extra curricular experience shapes the person you are today and who you aspire to be. Refining that story helps chart the course of your future.

Manage the time, energy and emotions of your family

The university admissions process is time-intensive and has the potential to be overwhelming for students and their families. Working with an expert in the field considerably reduces any anxiety and eliminates uncertainty felt by the family.


Why me?

After 17 years working in higher education at some of the most prestigious universities in the world, I am uniquely positioned to be your guide on this journey.  While no outcome is guaranteed, intentionally working through specific steps will significantly improve the likelihood of achieving the established goals.  

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