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Guided by the core values of ethical counsel, integrity, respect, and confidentiality, HECA members pledge to act in accordance with the principles and standards established by the organization. For a complete list of professional expectations click here.

Discuss academic interests and potential majors

Not every school will offer majors or concentrations in subject areas that align perfectly with your interests.  Understanding the likes, intentions and aspirations of the student is the first step in curating a comprehensive list of target schools.

Identify personal strengths and opportunities for growth

How rigorous is your academic schedule? How do you perform in the context of your school? What kind of impact do you have as a citizen in your community?

Class schedule insight and recommendations

Maximizing the academic opportunities offered in your high school while striking the right balance at the intersection of rigor, interest and growth.

Extra curricular advice

Choosing the “right kind” of extracurricular involvement isn’t the goal.  Be intentional about why you chose a certain club/group/organization.  Understand how your role positively impacted that group and what you learned from the experience.

Letters of recommendation guidance and selection

The teacher of your most difficult class where you earned the highest grade might not be the best person to write a letter of recommendation.  Instead, ask yourself who knows you best?  Who can speak authentically and articulately about your intellectual curiosity and impact in the classroom?

Essay review

Know how to tell the story.  Identify the themes that you can trace through each part of the application. Identify something to highlight or give more depth to that is introduced somewhere else in the application.  Help the reader visualize who you are and how you’ll fit into the fabric of that campus culture.

Test prep and tutorial recommendations

Referrals to respected and effective experts who have proven results in improving test scores and academic performance.

Exclusive application

management hub

Your personalized one stop shop for managing the application process.  Track dates and deadlines, draft and edit essays, manage your college lists and more.

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